Car Covers

Car CoversKeeping cars in great shape takes routine maintenance, careful driving and high quality car covers to shield your auto from rain, high winds, debris and other outdoor hazards. If you don't have access to a garage or pop up canopy carport check out our wide selection of heavy duty weather resistant car covers to help protect your compact, sports car or full size sedan from harsh seasonal weather and intense UV sunlight.

Whether you have a compact car you use for work or a vintage automobile you keep for show protecting it from the elements is essential to keeping the vehicle in great working condition. If not protected a car is at risk from a number of outdoor hazards including heavy rain, intense UV sunlight, tree sap, debris and snow. While it may not seem like much, over time the combination of foul weather and debris can cause serious damage to the exterior of a car and in some cases even the electrical wiring under a hood. Keep your car safe from outside damage by shielding it with a heavy duty weather resistant car cover.

Not everyone has access to a full size garage and if you don't have a permanent storage shelter to keep a car during foul weather in summer and winter give serious thought to using a high quality car cover to keep the exterior and interior safe from harm. Our heavy duty car tarps feature commercial grade polyethylene fabric materials that are water resistant and UV resistant so you get full protection from common outdoor hazards. When left uncovered a car can easily suffer damage from intense UV sunlight that warps interior dashboards and heavy rain that can cause mildew and rot.

In addition to ruining paint jobs and wearing down windshields foul weather can also creep under the hood of an automobile and wreak havoc with sensitive electrical wiring that can prove very dangerous when you are driving. You can avoid these hazards by using one of our high quality outdoor car tarp shelters that will provide a terrific first defense layer of protection so your vehicle is ready when you need it.

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